NFL Star Rashee Rice Facing Felony Charges After Multi-Car Crash in Dallas


Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Rashee Rice is facing a slew of charges, including aggravated assault, in connection to a devastating multi-car accident that occurred on a Dallas highway, according to Dallas police. The football player, who sports a jersey number just as young as his age—23—is said to have been driving a Lamborghini SUV when the incident unfolded.

Rice’s high-stakes “game” resulted in a chain-reaction crash involving a Corvette and four other unsuspecting vehicles. As alleged by law enforcement, Rice and another driver, 21-year-old Theodore Knox, were zooming along in the far-left lane of the highway when they lost control. Rice’s Lamborghini veered onto the road’s shoulder, slamming into the median wall and triggering the pile-up.

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Warrants have been issued for the arrest of Rice and Knox on several counts – one of aggravated assault, one involving a severe bodily injury, and six others related to the injuries sustained by victims in the accident. Yet both men, at this moment, are not in Dallas Police’s custody.

Rice’s legal counsel, state Sen. Royce West, made no immediate comments regarding the startling allegations. And as for Knox, it remains uncertain whether he has sought legal representation. Kansas City Chiefs, for whom Rice has been a reliable player, have also refrained from commenting on the incident.

As part of the incident, which involved half a dozen vehicles in total, four individuals suffered minor injuries. According to reports, both drivers involved in the deadly speed race fled the scene immediately after the collision. They were negligent towards checking if those involved required medical attention and did not provide their information.

The passengers of these speeding beasts, the Lamborghini and Corvette, who also fled post-incident, however, will not be facing charges, authorities have confirmed.

A seemingly remorseful Rice took to social media last week, stating through his Instagram Story that he accepts “full responsibility” for his part in the accident.

If convicted, the second-degree felony of aggravated assault could land Rice in prison for up to 20 years. Likewise, the third-degree felony of a collision resulting in severe bodily injury and collision leading to injury could respectively attract a penalty of 10 and five years in prison.

Rice leased the Lamborghini from The Classic Lifestyle, as noted by Kyle Coker, the attorney representing the Dallas-based exotic car rental company. In a twist of ironies, West stated that Corvette—the other vehicle involved in the crash—also belonged to Rice.

Born in Philadelphia, but raised in the Fort Worth’s suburb of North Richland Hills, Rice made his name known in the football arena during his college days at the Southern Methodist University. His impressive performance during his senior year in 2022 grabbed the attention of NFL teams. Just last year, he was picked up in the second round of the draft by the Chiefs and quickly ascended to being a key player in their offensive lineup.