NFL Star Linked to Multi-Car Hit and Run Mystery in Dallas


On a bustling stretch of highway in the heart of Dallas this past weekend, a chain-reaction crash of six vehicles occurred involving a speed-charged Corvette and Lamborghini sport utility vehicle. The incident took place in the increasingly busy northbound lanes of the North Central Expressway, just shy of twilight at 6:30 on a fated Saturday evening.

Without pause, and neglecting any responsibility, occupants of the Lamborghini and Corvette fled the scene immediately after the accident occurred. There was no want or effort shown to determine if anyone was hurt, nor was there any exchange of contact information, as reported by Dallas police on Monday.

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Despite the quick departure of the two vehicles’ occupants, the scene was not devoid of accountability, nor casualty. At the site, two drivers suffered minor injuries, treated promptly at the scene. Meanwhile, an additional two passengers from a separate vehicle had minor injuries severe enough to require transport to a nearby hospital.

In the aftermath, an anonymous report from local television station WFAA suggested that one of the fleeing vehicles was registered to Rasheem Rice, a player for the Kansas City Chiefs. When questioned, Dallas police confirmed their ongoing efforts on Monday to identify the occupants of the rouge Corvette and Lamborghini, yet declined to confirm Rice’s alleged participation in the incident. As evidence and accounts are still being collected, no formal identification has been released.

Kristin Lowman, a spokeswoman for the Dallas police department, offered an update Monday evening confirming that members of the legal counsel had been approached but police have yet to interview any individuals potentially involved in the accident.

Amid this developing narrative, the attorney for Rashee Rice, veteran state senator Royce West, issued a statement on Monday. Declaring that Rice’s thoughts were with those affected by the unfortunate accident, he assured that his client was readily cooperating with local authorities. Furthermore, West affirmed that Rice is prepared to address the situation in the most responsible manner required.

According to police reports, the reckless speeding mishap began with both the Corvette and Lamborghini losing control in the far-left lane. The Lamborghini lost its battle with traction, skidding onto the shoulder and plowing into the center median wall, initiating the chain of collisions that followed.

The drive behind Rice, a Dallas native, is well known. Being a Super Bowl-winning member of the Chiefs, his roots run deep, dating back to his playing days at Southern Methodist University and to his upbringing in the Fort Worth suburb of North Richland Hills.

In one of the first official reactions from the Chiefs organization, President Mark Donovan voiced his thoughts candidly in a Monday interview with KCMO Talk Radio’s “Mundo in the Morning”. Stressing the vital importance of gathering all the facts before reacting accordingly, he admitted the organization doesn’t have a full understanding of what transpired just yet.

Meanwhile, Lowman urges anyone with information on the crash to come forward and reach out to police as efforts continue to establish a clear picture of this unfortunate event.