NFL Kicker Brandon McManus Sued for Sexual Assault Amid Trans-Atlantic Journey


In a stunning development, seasoned NFL kicker Brandon McManus stands accused in a civil lawsuit filed by two women alleging sexual assault. The reported incident took place amidst the Jacksonville Jaguars’ trans-Atlantic journey to London the year prior, where both women were on duty as flight attendants.

Submitted last Friday and showing up on the Duval County Circuit Court’s public databank on the following Tuesday, the lawsuit names both McManus and the athletic team as defendants. Monetary redress sought by the plaintiffs, identified in the court papers as Jane Doe I and Jane Doe II, exceeds one million dollars. The details of the documents make a case t against McManus, articulating the assertion that the NFL player had attempted to kiss one attendant and had physically rubbed against both women all while they executed their professional duties on the flight, September 28th.

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Tony Buzbee, famed attorney known for representing many women who accused Deshaun Watson of similar sexual wrongdoing, has stepped up as the women’s primary legal advisor. According to a post made online, Buzbee states that he, alongside his clients, attempted to address the accusations privately, endeavoring to avoid public conflict.

In criticism, Buzbee noted the familiar response echoing that which he received from Watson’s team following the previous charges, calling it, “arrogance, ignorance and stupidity.” However, Buzbee maintained the weighty essence of the allegations filed, citing comprehensive verification procedures and consultations with witnesses before daring to accept the cases.

When the lawsuit surfaced publicly, Jacksonville Jaguars’ coach Doug Pederson expressed his disappointment. Initially, he was unaware of the accusations levelled against McManus. However, upon reading the lawsuit filed, Pederson expressed his dismay, as trips were generally considered professional engagements and not settings for such alleged misconduct.

However, McManus and his legal counsel vehemently denied the accusations as “absolutely fictitious and demonstrably false.” Lawyer Brett R. Gallaway of McLaughlin & Stern remained steadfast in defending McManus’ integrity, asserting the allegations as mere shakedown tactics.

Breaking onto the scene with the Washington Commanders this March, the Philadelphia-born McManus, who is due to turn 33 in July, boasts a ten-year tenure in the league, with the bulk of his career honed with the Denver Broncos.

Currently awaiting further investigation, a spokesperson representing the Commanders underscored their heavy regard for such serious allegations. Both McManus’ agent and the NFL office have been consulted on the matter.

Similarly, the Jaguars acknowledged the lawsuit and the severity of the accusations involved. Via an official statement, the team reaffirmed their commitment to uphold an organizational standard of the highest character and class.