Neymar Flaunts Exclusive $280k Roulette Watch Amid Extravagant Lifestyle


Brazilian soccer superstar Neymar, a man known not just for his sporting prowess, but also for his penchant for expensive jewelry and casino resorts, has recently been spotted flaunting his latest acquisition; a timepiece that tastefully marries his two luxurious fascinations.

Admired across the globe for his footballing skills, Neymar is presently one of the highest-earning sports celebrities, with Saudi Arabia’s Al Hilal Saudi Football Club currently paying him the staggering sum of €150 million (US$163 million) annually, in addition to a €90 million transfer fee to secure his services from his former team, Paris Saint-Germain, in the esteemed Ligue 1 division of France.

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With a reputation as one of the all-time greatest players in the football world, Neymar’s penchant for extravagance isn’t limited to the soccer field; it’s an integral part of his daily life. A boxing match in Saudi Arabia between Tyson Fury and Oleksandr Usyk became the backdrop for Neymar to proudly show off his latest indulgence – a luxurious timepiece from esteemed New York City-based luxury watchmakers, Jacob & Co.

Adorned by celebrities and world-class athletes alike, from the likes of Michael Jordan and Jennifer Lopez to Jay Z and Sofia Vergara, Jacob & Co watches represent the epitome of contemporary luxury. Neymar’s showpiece was the exclusive roulette watch, replete with a spinning roulette wheel and a rolling pill, retailing at a steep $280,000. Apart from its novelty, the watch stands out for its 18K rose gold trim and the “curved anti-reflective sapphire crystals on the face.” Notably, only 101 such watches have been crafted, making it an exclusive collector’s item.

Neymar’s affinity for such extravagances extends well beyond his love for watches. His interest in gambling and casinos is well-documented, as evident from an episode a year prior where Neymar reportedly skipped his team’s key match due to an injury to participate in the F1 Monaco Grand Prix. Herein, he didn’t miss the opportunity to test his luck at the historic Monte Carlo Casino. Subsequently, he also streamed his online casino exploits, where he seemed to take his losses exceeding €1 million in good humor, seen laughing it off.

In addition to roulette, Neymar’s gaming inclinations lean strongly towards poker, although his on-field prowess hasn’t transferred well to the poker tables. Data from The Hendon Mob, an online poker player tracking database, shows that despite his substantial investment in live poker tournaments, he has only managed to accumulate a measly sum of $32,131 in winnings.

Rumors are also rampant about Neymar’s future moves in professional soccer; speculation regarding Inter Miami’s potential interest in Neymar has been making the rounds since the Brazilian star was seen in the company of the Beckham family in Miami. While the team, co-owned by his comrade and legendary footballer David Beckham, previously succeeded in quoting Lionel Messi, Neymar’s hefty transfer price and ongoing contractual obligations with Al Hilal are likely to deter this move until at least 2025.