New Zealand’s Top Lollies Set for Sugary Debut in Australia


The sweet symphony of sugar is set to spread as an array of New Zealand’s most popular lollies prepares to make their Australian debut.

Leading the confectionery charge, Mondelez Australia, the parent company of Pascall, has announced plans to introduce three of its top-selling lollies to candy lovers on the continent. The trio includes the Party Pack, Jet Planes, and Explorers, each promising to enthral consumers with a delightful sugar rush.

In an outpouring of excitement about their Aussie venture, Amy Richards, the senior marketing manager of Mondelez Australia and New Zealand, remarked, “Expanding the reach of three of Pascall’s most celebrated products in the Australian market fills us with great anticipation and joy.”

She continued, highlighting the brand’s iconic status in Kiwi culture, “We’re thrilled to provide the opportunity for more Aussies to create their own sweet memories and to experience the fun of these adored Pascall lollies.”

These New Zealand sensations will now join the roster of Pascall Marshmallow and Wine Gums lollies, which are already savoured by Australian consumers.

The much-anticipated 180g Pascall Party Pack will bring an eclectic mix of mini treats to the table, featuring crowd-favourite Pascall Explorers, Bananas, Wine Gums, Leaves, Jet Planes, and Jelly Worms in an ode to a medley of flavours.

On the other hand, the colourful 150g Pascall Explorers lollies promise a delight with an array of flavours that include raspberry, lemon, banana, and pineapple.

For consumers ready to dive into these bags of joy, Pascall Explorers and Party Pack can be hunted down at independent stores across Australia. Meanwhile, the Pascall Jet Planes are already available at Coles, with their presence set to expand to independent stores by December. The sweet Aussie surprises are just getting started!


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