New Zealand Politics Shift: Luxon Tops Hipkins in Prime Minister Race


The political tides appear to be changing in New Zealand, as a fresh poll positions Christopher Luxon, National leader, ahead of Labour’s Chris Hipkins in the fight for the prime ministerial role. Luxon would, however, need to collaborate with Winston Peters to consolidate a Government.

The recent Newshub-Reid Research poll reflects Labour’s slight downturn, marking its decrease to 26.5 per cent, a fractional yet steady 0.3 points decline. National too has experienced a fall, dropping by 1.8 points and settling at 39.1 per cent.

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Contrarily, the Green Party jubilates a surge of 1.9 points, raising their standing to a commendable 14.2 per cent, in what qualifies as one of their strongest poll performances. Act’s support, unfortunately, declines by 1.3 points, culminating in an 8.8 per cent result. Significantly, New Zealand First rejoices an uptick of 1.9 points to 5.2 per cent, a percentage that grants the party their much-anticipated entry into Parliament.

In terms of parliamentary representation, the landscape changes as it gives National 49 seats, whereas Act reaps 11. Their coalition would require the inclusion of New Zealand First’s six seats to secure a majority. Labour could anticipate gaining 33 seats in light of these dynamics, with the Greens seizing a record 18 parliamentary seats, and Te Pati Maori hoping for 3.

Focusing the spotlight back to leadership, Luxon’s popularity eclipses Hipkins for the coveted prime minister role. His support climbs by 1.5 points to 24 percent, while Hipkins witnesses a drop by 3.4 points to 19.1 per cent. This status shift signifies a first after the Government’s revamp in 2017, where a National leader outperforms Labour.

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