New Zealand Family’s Beloved Mascot Dog Wrongly Euthanised and Discarded


In a heartrending incident that has engulfed a family in grief, their beloved pet dog, Sarge, was mistakenly euthanised and ignominiously discarded in a garbage bag. The shocking occurrence, caught within the city limits of Gisborne, situated on the eastern seaboard of New Zealand’s North Island, took place on the 22nd of September.

Identifiable by its collar and microchip, Sarge was inexplicably abducted from its home, despite vehement protests from neighbours pleading for his safety. As the family recounts this horrific ordeal, their palpable anguish permeates each word.

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In a heart-tugging disclosure on their business’s social media page, the bereaved owners unveiled the extent of their profound sorrow. Sarge, seen by many as more than merely a pet, was deemed a mascot for their fitness boot camp enterprise HulkFit, and an integral member of their kin.

“Our beloved Sarge fell prey to a tragic mishap fueled by incompetence, negligence, and grossly unsavoury conduct a few days ago,” recounted the family on their Facebook page.

Sarge’s unlawful removal from his secure environment, despite the presence of surveillance footage showing neighbours pleading with Gisborne District Council dog pound workers to let him be, and his subsequent relocation to the pound, reverberates with unsettling undertones. Before any family member could reach the pound to claim him, Sarge’s life was prematurely terminated in a lamentable case of mistaken identity.

Sarge, remembered as one who “would never hurt a fly”, was a faithful asset to the fitness group, aiding its members in punctually achieving their goals. The family’s statement closed with an emotional tribute: “Rest in peace, our dear Sargie. To us, you were not merely a dog. You were, and will forever remain, a part of our family.”

Addressing the incident, the spokesperson for the Gisborne District Council, as reported by NZ Herald, indicated that the officer involved has been placed on hiatus while an internal investigation is in progress.

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