New York Casino License Announcement Could Delay to 2025


The anticipation was tinged with a hint of disillusion as expectations that New York regulators might herald the recipients of three coveted downstate casino licenses within the initial month of 2024 began to dim. Speculation is rife that Times Square, one of the world’s most bustling intersections, could become home to a new gaming hub. Yet, the glimmer of gaming tables lighting up the iconic scape of New York City may not shine until the calendar flips to 2025.

Discussions circling the future of New York’s gaming landscape align on the prediction that the coveted announcement could potentially stretch into the first quarter of 2025, exuding an air of ambition. The absence of licensing fee revenue from Gov. Kathy Hochul’s proposed budget suggests a protracted timeline in offing the licenses. This crucial financial component, expected to furnish at least $500 million—or optimistically, $1 billion—from each successful bidder, is notably excluded from the state’s fiscal plan stretching to March 31, 2025.

Industry observers, unearthing a mess of complexity within the proceedings, have colloquially tagged the competition a “circus.” The next significant juncture in the saga, as Newsday reports, awaits the Gaming Facility Location Board’s unveiling of a second installment of questions for suitors—an event pivotal to the bidding process.

Previous inquiries saw light last August, followed by a subsequent round in October. Yet, the dissemination date for the latest responses remains shrouded in uncertainty. These intricacies could divulge crucial decision-making intricacies for potential operators contemplating their next move within the New York gaming sector.

Post-release of these answers, a 30-day window is expected to be thrown open, during which bids would be formally entertained. Despite whispers of bid submissions soon commencing, the reality remains a subject of conjecture.

As the march of days continues unabated, the likelihood of the licenses being conferred by year’s end wanes with each sunset.

But regulatory red tape isn’t the sole barrier to progress. Various operators find their aspirations tethered to unique stipulations, such as Bally’s (the Bronx) and Mets owner Steve Cohen, as well as Hard Rock International (Queens), each grappling with the need for elimination of parkland designations for their prospective ventures. Meanwhile, Las Vegas Sands, entwined in a contention with Hofstra University on Long Island, contends with accusations of open meeting law violations in Nassau County’s dealings.

For potential operators, it’s crucial to stay agile; a sudden uptick in regulatory momentum could see unprepared competitors miss their chance at establishing a gaming haven in America’s most populous urban matrix.

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