New Year’s with the Rivards brings $750 to locals in need


By Rhonda Massad

Lovie Rivard and her husband Alain can often be found volunteering on the West Island. This New Year’s Eve was no exception. The dynamic duo held their annual New Year’s party as a fundraiser that donated $750 to, a grassroots group that helps those who are vulnerable in our community.

“We do this every year,” Lovie said in an interview. “This year’s theme was DINE DRINK DANCE & DONATE to a good cause as God has blessed us and it feels good to give back.”

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Lovie noticed a Facebook group that gives back directly to a member of the West Island who is in need.

“We specifically donated Christmas gifts to a Single Mother and her 12-year-old son who lived in a shelter,” she explained. “My heart broke reading their story. I contacted a local facebook team that gives back, who were the admin of this Facebook group and told them of my idea of donating the money to them & they were thrilled as this group helps people in need right here in the West Island.”

More than 100 tickets were sold for the New Year’s celebration. While the group is a non-registered charity, they do not take cash donations they have asked Lovie to hold onto the money until a need is determined.

“So far I was asked to disburse $400 to a gentleman who needs surgery, and I have $350 left to donate when they tell me to,” shared Lovie. “The money is safely in an account for charity which I have opened since I do this every year. We have donated to Big Brothers Big Sisters ($800), West Island Community Shares $1500, Mother Teresa’s Children’s Foundation $1200 and Kids that have aids and more. From our dances of 2017 & 2018, I also send money to Goa India where I sponsored a little girl name Iccha who is seven years old. I pay for her boarding school and education & food.”

In 2012, Lovie was awarded the Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Medal for her outstanding work in the community.

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Lovie in the Canada Day parade in Montreal 2012