New World’s MasterChef Cookware Craze: Redeem Your Stickers Now


As the nationwide frenzy for New World’s MasterChef cookware promotion continues to soar, the company’s Head of Marketing, Giselle Bleakley, encourages customers not to rest on their laurels. Her advice is clear, “Don’t hoard your stickers, redeem them as you shop to get the first choice of the coveted cookware.”

A change is palpable in kitchens throughout the country as excitement over the New World MasterChef cookware collection grips the nation. Giselle shares that the promotion has sparked the country’s creativity and enthusiasm, with the kitchen range in hot pursuit by customers.

“Entering the tenth week of this exclusive promotion, our customers are excitedly gathering stickers as they do their regular shopping, and redeeming them for the beautiful MasterChef cookware. It continues to be fascinating to see which pieces are becoming crowd favourites across both the North and South Island,” Giselle reports.

One key aspect of this special range is its non-uniformity, enabling customers to collect pieces that fit their individual needs and culinary style. According to the current trend, the Non-Stick Fry Pan and Non-Stick Stir Fry Pan with Lid are in neck-to-neck competition, jointly counting for almost half of all redemptions in the initial eight weeks of the promotion.

Giselle adds, “The MasterChef idea has been wholeheartedly adopted by Kiwis. It’s not just the cookware that’s in high demand, our MasterChef inspired recipes are garnering a lot of interest as well.”

The promotion is set to run for several more weeks, but Giselle emphasizes its condition, “While stocks last.” She urges, “Don’t let your stickers sit idle! As soon as you have collected enough for your desired piece, visit your nearest New World to redeem them to secure your favourite pick from the popular cookware.”

To ensure customer convenience and updation, each New World store will have a notice at its entrance indicating the current stock status. There will also be frequent updates on the individual store’s Facebook page.

There are indeed reasons aplenty for the popularity of the MasterChef range. In Giselle’s words, “The simple joy of using quality cookware, be it for daily meals or special gatherings, without incurring a huge expense is what’s driving the appeal.”

The promotion serves as a token of gratitude to Kiwi customers, rewarding them with top-quality cookware, merely by doing their regular shopping at New World.

Customers can continue to redeem their stickers as per the availability of stock. Included in the range are a two-piece Utensil Set, 26cm Fry Pan, 18cm Saucepan, and more. There also exists a Clubcard Exclusive offer on select pieces.

Each New World purchase, online or in-store, worth $20 earns the buyer one sticker. They can be redeemed for the MasterChef cookware with 20-80 stickers.

As per Giselle, the promotion is creating a joyous atmosphere for both the customers and in-store teams. “Handing over the new cookware to customers brings a smile to everyone’s faces and that’s what New World is about,” she concludes.


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