New West Island tutoring centre that promises knowledge not just good grades


by Rhonda Massad

Located on the Trans Canada in Dorval, Étudia has recently opened its doors with a mission to provide students from elementary through to CEGEP not only good grades but  knowledge to help them conquer what comes next. 

“Étudia seeks to provide a unique learning experience, by which we focus on students’ respective goals,” co-owner Angelia Garofalo explained.  “Through a plan of action tailored for every type of learner, the development of learning skills, positive study habits, and self-confidence acquired will lead to achieving personal growth,”Etudia

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Garofalo went on to say that at Étudia, their ideology is that every student is different, therefore, every path to success is paved with different obstacles. With hard work, determination and consistent studying techniques, every student could feel at ease with their academic work, in order to realize their full potential.

“We are university students, Angelia Garofalo, Christina Pomponio, Alessia Talarico and Kayla Charles, who came together with one common goal: to revolutionize the tutoring business,” Pomponio said. “We all have past experience working in peer tutoring and we all saw a flaw. The focus is heavily set on getting good grades which leads people to forget what studying is really about. We want to show parents and their children that learning does not have to be a task.”

Étudia offers  private tutoring, homework help and crash courses to students in elementary, high school and CEGEP.