New Testing Program Concerning Due To Incidences Of Misdiagnosis, Learning Disability group Says


A movement supporting persons with learning difficulty has teamed up with the College of Psychologists, New Brunswick, to support the argument against letting teachers perform an initial assessment on learners.

The learning disability movement stated that allowing this to happen amounts to amounts to students’ psychological assessment, which should not be the case.

The movement’s executive director, Ainsley Congdon, noted that no one had consulted them on this matter.

The plan is to allow teachers with at least a master’s degree and some extra on-the-job training to assess students to come up with a personalized study plan.

Under normal circumstances, a psychologist would do the test; however, there aren’t enough of them presently working in the school environment.

Cardy added that just 8 of the 36 psychologist roles had been taken up. Congdon noted that any sort of assessment that is to be done on a student must be performed with care.

Her reasoning is that young minds are quite complex, particularly when you combine mental health issues and learning disabilities. Not having a qualified person doing the job can cause misdiagnosis or even mislabeling.

Congdon added that she is aware that the province is in a pickle but emphasizes that the right choice has to be made regardless. She proposed that the government offer student support services, particularly those in the lower levels, even if no official diagnosis has been presented.


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