Pointe-Claire’s New Recycling Program for Electronic Devices and Ink Cartridges


The City of Pointe-Claire  is proud to announce that it is now possible to reclaim small electronic devices with the development of a new sustainable development program at the Aquatic Centre, where a bin has been placed to collect any obsolete or non-functional devices.

“This new program is part of our strategic plan to make Pointe-Claire a city dedicated to sustainable development, particularly by promoting the use of practices that help protect the environment,” says Mayor Trudeau.

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Responding to a daily reality in our lives, this service provides a place to dispose of a wide variety of small electronic devices, such as cell phones, all types of chargers, digital cameras, audio players (MP3 and CD), ink cartridges, peripherals, etc.

Some of these objects contain lead and mercury, which are harmful to the environment. Collecting these products in the bin at the Aquatic Centre makes it possible to recycle them safely and ecologically.

“This sustainable development initiative is another way to divert these materials from the landfill and give them added value,” concludes Mayor Trudeau. “We encourage all residents to dispose of their small electronic devices there to give them a second life.”

The new bin is located in the lobby of the Aquatic Centre at 60 Maywood Avenue.