New Quebec prostate cancer hotline


4,600 men Quebec are currently fighting prostate cancer by Rhonda Massad

As of April 7, Procure, the only charitable organization in Quebec dedicated to the fight against prostate cancer, has launched a new 24/7 support line to help patients face the fear of the unknown and help them make informed decisions with the support of specialized health professionals.

“We are excited to offer this new service unique in Quebec for patients with prostate cancer, their families and friends,” said Jean Pagé, spokesperson for PROCURE in an interview with The Suburban.  “If you have been diagnosed or have concerns about prostate cancer, talk to our nurses who are there to listen to you, support you and answer all your questions.”

According to prostate cancer survivor Pagé, the darkest times are just after a person is diagnosed.

“Once the doctor said the word cancer, my mind shut off, I literally spent three days in my basement crying.  When I was done I had questions and the doctors office was full and I had nobody to speak to.”

Today, Pagé volunteers on the help line and helps answer questions by email.

“We have saved lives. Sensitizing people that they should take an exam as of the age of 50 or 45 if there is prostate cancer in your family allows for early diagnosis that can save your life,” Pagé explained.

In addition to the treatment options and side effects, such as erectile dysfunction and urinary incontinence, the most frequently asked questions by patients with prostate cancer are related to sexuality, nutrition and psychological impact of a diagnostic.

In 2014 an estimated 23,600 Canadian men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer.  Prostate cancer is the third leading cause of death from cancer in men in Canada and an estimated 4,000 men will die from prostate cancer in 2014, accounting for 10% of all cancer deaths in men.

More information and support can be found by consulting Procure’s website at .


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