New Ottawa Senators Owner Andlauer Promises Transformative Era, Focus on Fans and Community Commitment


Under new ownership, the Ottawa Senators are gearing up for a transformative period. Michael Andlauer, their new proprietor, is rapidly fostering ties with supporters and the business sector, marking the commencement of his tenure with dynamism and resolve.

Addressing a packed assembly hall during last Thursday’s real estate summit, Andlauer shared his thoughts with renowned journalist Graham Richardson of CTV News Ottawa. “I recall it was the 13th of June when I received word from the seller that my bid was accepted,” recounted Andlauer.

Earlier that day, Ottawa City Hall gifted him a platform during the Mayor’s breakfast meeting. This was a standing-room-only affair, a testament to the city’s interest in the Senators’ future under Andlauer. He reinforced his commitment to his long-term strategy, stating, “Ensuring our actions today bear positive repercussions even a decade or a decade and a half from now is of paramount importance.”

Fans were a focal point of Andlauer’s discourse during both appearances, reflecting his philosophy that, “The power that drives the Ottawa Senators are the fans. They are the focal point of every business; the customer comes first.”

His vision for the Senators also envisages a move downtown—an idea that aligns with his interactions with Mayor Mark Sutcliffe. Andlauer elaborated, “I’ve engaged in conversations with the Mayor as well as the NCC. The pivot of those discussions is what the fans desire, for their interests are of utmost importance to me.”

A devoted philanthropist as well as a businessman, Andlauer confirmed that fortifying the Senators Foundation and cementing the franchise’s charitable efforts within the community are integral to his plans for the team.

“Being woven into the fabric of the community signifies a certain passion,” he stated. “We’re more than a hockey team; our actions for the community speak volumes. To comprehend what the community needs; what the fans need; what the citizens aspire for; and to be integral to it – that’s my aspiration.”

Operating from their new residence in Ottawa’s west end, Andlauer and his wife are focusing on building relationships crucial to the Senators’ triumph. A testament to this commitment was the appointment of the Senators’ all-time favorite, Daniel Alfredsson. Andlauer imparted his admiration for Alfredsson, noting, “His contribution to raising his four children in Ottawa, his involvement in the community, and his widespread respect only attest to his humble nature. However, underneath lies an incredible competitive fire.”


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