New Hawaiian Fusion Restaurant Opens in Downtown Victoria


In the heart of bustling downtown Victoria, Kahuna, a fresh-off-the-presses restaurant, has now declared itself open for business. Putting on a culinary show of traditional Hawaiian cuisine, Kahuna is all set to tantalize palates with menus starring succulent burgers, delectable poke bowls, and generous plate lunches.

The inception of Kahuna traces back two years in Duncan, where it was initially a pair of separate restaurants nestled side by side, both making use of a mutual kitchen. One half of this dynamic duo was a burger haven, while the other boasted a diverse menu of poke and plate lunch offerings.

This unique concept proved to be a recipe for success, prompting the co-founders to explore fresh avenues of opportunity. Now, they aim to satiate Victoria’s appetite for exotic Hawaiian delights as Kahuna merges both dining experiences under a single roof.

Delving into the heart of Hawaiian foodways, co-owner Robert Stutzman explains, “Poke, in essence, is a quintessential Hawaiian concept. It refers to the art of cutting fish into cubes and is a specific style of prepping and seasoning the fish before it is savored.” He further adds that they painstakingly dedicate copious amounts of time to devising the perfect flavour profile for their bowls.

Exuding culinary confidence, Stutzman underscores the individuality of their poke bowls. Each component, he explains, is either marinated or partnered with harmonious flavours that endow it with a unique persona, enabling them to shine solo.

Apart from their signature savory dishes, Kahuna also champions traditional Hawaiian desserts, including a tempting array of pies and cones. Ideally situated at the junction of Chatham and Store streets, just opposite Capitol Iron, food connoisseurs would certainly enjoy island flavors at Kahuna.


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