New Brunswick’s Emergency Order Likely To End Before The Summer


The state of the emergency directive that has been in place in N.B since March 20202 is likely to come to an end before the summer, Ted Flemming, Justice and Public Safety Minister said.

The emergency order vested the government with additional powers to deal with the current pandemic.

Minister Flemming stated he has already issued directives to the Public Safety Department to start working on plans involving conditions where the public health order does not exist.

Last Tuesday, Minister Flemming brought in a new bill that will set out when the order terminates, although certain elements of the order might remain.

The bill also has a clause that gives immunity to peace officers from prosecution who are involved in enforcing COVID_19 guidelines, the minister said, giving instances of the officer denying entry to persons crossing borders.

He added that investigation and prosecution of violations under acts such as social distancing, lack of masks, bubbling, or gathering in contravention of public order will carry on. The bill will preserve extended limitation periods in regard to court proceedings.


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