New Brunswick Still Hasn’t Reached The Vaccination Target Needed For Reopening


On Sunday morning, the report was released stating that 517,265 New Brunswickers (74.6%) have a first dose COVID-19 vaccine. In order to be reopened, the province needs to reach the 75 percent threshold by June 7. One week later, the province still hasn’t managed to fulfill the requirements that will allow it to start phase one of the reopening.

In order to speed up the process, the province has opened few more walk-in vaccination clinics. On Sunday, seven more COVID-19 cases were reported, which means that now there are 97 active cases in the province.

New cases were reported in the regions listed below.

The Fredericton region, Zone 3:

• two people 19 and under,

• a person 60 to 69.

The Bathurst region, Zone 6:

• a person 19 and under.

• two people 60 to 69.

• a person 70 to 79.

In New Brunswick Hospital, four cases are being currently treated, one of them being in intensive care. So far, 2,298 cases of COVID-19 in New Brunswick and 2,155 recoveries have been reported.

It seems that it will still need more time for the province to reach the vaccination target. In a few days or so, a new report will be released.


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