New Brunswick Reported 11 New COVID-19 Cases On Tuesday


On Tuesday, Public Health reported 11 new cases of COVID-19 spread over four health regions. This means that there are 44 cases of COVID-19 in New Brunswick. The province has entered the restriction-free green phase on Saturday, and since then, lots of new cases were recorded.

Around 68.1 percent of eligible New Brunswickers are fully vaccinated, while 82.3 percent of the eligible population has received one shot of vaccine. So far, a total of 382,554 COVID-19 tests have been done.

WorkSafeNB president and CEO Doug Jones said that local workers and business owners reached out to the government, asking questions about the province going green.

“Employers are wondering how they can assess the risk in their workplace,” he said.

Jones added that when there was a mandatory order the businesses followed the same set of rules, getting used to them fast. Now, the people are eager to ask questions though.

Jones added:

“They have questions around, ‘I don’t know if my workplace is safe or not. But is there a factual reason for that risk? Does it really exist? Figuring this out won’t be easy. Employers can ask employees if they are vaccinated. They will need this information to determine the level of risk. The question would become, are employees obliged to tell you?”

Public Health urges people who are not feeling well to visit the nearest clinic or even take a self-assessment test online. Symptoms of the illness include a fever above 38 C, a bad cough, sore throat, runny nose, headache, new onset of fatigue, and difficulty breathing.

People with one of those symptoms should stay at home, call 811 or their doctor and follow instructions.


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