New Brunswick RCMP Hands Over Arrest Incident Probe to SiRT


Amidst the thrumming drama of civilian life, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) of New Brunswick have handed the reins over to the Serious Incident Response Team (SiRT) for an independent examination of a recent arrest incident in the bustling city of St. Stephen, New Brunswick.

It started as an eventful Friday, with police officers finding themselves face-to-face with a person of interest on Union Street, while attending to an unrelated matter on-site. Roused suspicions based on several unfulfilled arrest warrants attributed to this man, ignited a chain reaction that would spiral out of the ordinary course of events.

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No sooner than the police laid eyes on him, the man whisked himself away into a nearby labyrinth of trees, his every step crinkling against the dried autumn leaves. Summoning reinforcements, police officers called upon the adept noses of the RCMP Police Dog Services and the far-reaching gaze of an RCMP Remotely Piloted Aerial System operator— both instruments of law enforcement working in symphony to weave through the thick veil of tree branches to track the man.

Once pinpointed, an arrest ensued. However, in the heat of this earnest struggle, minor injuries marred the person of interest. This unavoidable consequence necessitated the New Brunswick RCMP to call for an independent, comprehensive investigation by the SiRT in the spirit of full transparency and accountability. As the sun rises and sets, the investigation bravely marches onward, its conclusion eagerly anticipated.

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