New Brunswick Museum Launches A Project Called ‘Reviving Our Memories’


The New Brunswick Museum has launched an online activity named ‘Reviving Our Memories’, focused on encouraging life stories. The project uses art and music to encourage families and friends to share their own life stories with each other.

Some time ago, the museum received a grant to create an on-site program for nursing homes. Because of the pandemic, that project was abandoned and for some time, there were no activities at the New Brunswick Museum.

Then, the museum received approval to switch the project to digital activity. Dominique Gelinas, the head of exhibitions and visitor experience, stated:

“At the beginning, I thought it was mostly for seniors, but after that during the development of the project, we realized it’s going to become intergenerational. Because the conversation is really for every age.”

Those who visit the museum will have the chance to attend sessions including five pieces of artwork. During the presentation, they will also listen to audio clips. Each art piece is connected to memories of concerts, church, school, parties and love. While watching artworks, the guest will also hear various questions designed to spark conversation.

Each themed piece of artwork is accompanied by a different genre of music, ranging from classical to rock’n’roll.

Gelinas added:

“With all the year we passed through and now the border is open and gatherings are coming, why not really celebrate our living culture and embrace and enjoy being together?”

For more information about this project, visit the museum’s website.


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