New Brunswick Motorist Overwhelmed by Support After Accident


Susan Voth is grateful to be alive after a scary motorcycle accident last week, and even more thankful for the love and support she has received from the tight-knit biker community in N.B.

The woman from Moncton, N.B., was on her way home from a charity memorial ride in Saint-Leonard, N.B., when things changed in a moment.

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Planning to pull off the highway to get gas in Oromocto, N.B., Voth unexpectedly hit some loose gravel on the exit ramp and lost control of her bike.

“I just remember hearing my pipes scrap and then being slammed to the ground on my right,” she recalled. “I just remember laying there going “Uh-oh.”

The accident left her with a broken thumb, dislocated collarbone and six broken ribs.

“My gloves were worn out, the knuckles were all worn out. I have scratches on my full face helmet,” she said, adding that she was wearing full protective gear.

Voth is still waiting to see doctors and surgeons to determine the full extent of her injuries, and can’t work till her injuries heal.

She said she is on short-term disability from her job whereas she recovers.

Whereas Voth was trying to absorb the entire situation, the biker community was collecting funds and planning something special to lift her spirits.

Voth is a board member with Bikers Down Support, a group that offers financial help to injured motorcyclists in the region through fundraisers.

Ironically, she could not qualify for support from the group due to the fact that she is part of the board of directors.

But that did not stop bikers in the community from rallying together to quickly raise three thousand dollars for their injured friend.

On Saturday morning, a line of 52 bikers slowly drove past her home and gathered on her street to present her with flowers and the money.

Mickey Burden, president of Bikers Down Support, said it was emotional to see the community come together for his injured companion.

“To look around and see people she didn’t know, people I didn’t know, all coming together, it was amazing,” he said.

Voth said she was amazed by the showing of support.

“We were all teary,” she said, adding that she watched from her front step with her family.

Voth said she is looking forward to healing and putting all of this behind her so she can get back on her bike again.

“The bike’s in better shape than I am — it runs. It’s good to go,” she laughed.