New Brunswick Braces for Hurricane Lee Amid Coastal Erosion Concerns


The Emergency Measures Organization (EMO) in New Brunswick cautions residents living in erosion-prone coastal regions to exercise exceptional vigilance in light of the impending arrival of Hurricane Lee.

Given the history of these high-risk areas, EMO spokesperson Geoffrey Downey stresses the importance of informed decision-making. Residents are urged to remain watchful and comprehend the potential impacts based on previous occurrences.

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The EMO also advises residents to consider the feasibility of relocating temporarily, especially those dwelling by the water, despite current absence of storm surge warnings. Nevertheless, Downey reaffirms that circumstances could alter as we inch closer to the storm’s arrival.

As of the previous night, the Canadian Hurricane Center foresees the center of Hurricane Lee making landfall come Saturday afternoon, potentially hitting anywhere from southeast Maine to western Nova Scotia. The hurricane, when it arrives, is predicted to have morphed into a powerful tropical storm or a post-tropical low.

The Red Head region in Saint John has been grappling with erosion for an extended period, a process further exacerbated by storm surges. The recent storm surge in December 2022 resulted in significant damage, fragmenting parts of Old Red Head Road and encroaching upon several properties.

Garry Prosser, a 25-year inhabitant of the Red Head region, shared his concern over homes edging dangerously close to the affected areas. From his past experiences, he understands that direct hits could lead to severe erosion, causing substantial damage.

The repercussions of the post-tropical storm Fiona last September are still palpable, causing extensive coastal erosion across the Maritimes. Notable changes to the topography of Prince Edward Island and the Northumberland Strait can be seen in the comparison of satellite images taken before and after the storm. There is a palpable apprehension among residents concerning the upcoming hurricane, underscoring the need for preparedness and caution.