New bicycle lanes coming to Pierrefonds


The borough of Pierrefonds-Roxboro is extending their cycling network by Ville de Montréal. New bicycle lanes will be created over the coming weeks.

Road markings will be carried out as follows:

• Rue des Cageux, between boulevard de Pierrefonds and rue Antoine-Faucon
• Rue Graham, between rue Shakespeare and Cyril-W.-McDonald park
• Rue Harry-Worth, between Cyril-W.-McDonald park and boulevard de Pierrefonds
• Rue du Général-Brock, between 17e Avenue and avenue Prince-Edward
• Avenue Prince-Edward, between rue du Général-Brock and 8e Rue
• 8e Rue, between avenue Prince-Edward and 11e Avenue
• 11e Avenue, between 8e Rue and 14e Rue
• 14e Rue, between 17e Avenue and 9e Avenue
• 9e Avenue, between 14e Rue and rue du Boisé
• Rue du Boisé, between 9e Avenue and rue d’Estrérel
• Rue d’Estérel, between rue du Boisé and rue Colbert
• Rue Colbert, between rue d’Estérel and 10e Avenue
• 10e Avenue, between rue de Colbert and 14e Rue
• 17e Avenue, between 14e Rue and rue du Général-Brock

I’m very proud to see that our cycling network will once again be extended over the coming months. I encourage you to opt for your bike when going from place to place or just cycling for fun with your family. Not only is cycling a means of sustainable transportation, but it’s also an excellent way to keep fit

– Dimitrios (Jim) Beis, Mayor of the borough of Pierrefonds-Roxboro and Ville de Montréal Executive Committee member in charge of procurement, sports and leisure and communities of diverse origins.


  1. Will these be “real” bike lanes or just white bicycles painted on the pavement of a 2 lane street? It’s not like we’re allowed to mow down cyclists unless these are present.


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