New bicycle lanes coming to Pierrefonds


The borough of Pierrefonds-Roxboro is extending their cycling network by Ville de Montréal. New bicycle lanes will be created over the coming weeks.

Road markings will be carried out as follows:

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• Rue des Cageux, between boulevard de Pierrefonds and rue Antoine-Faucon
• Rue Graham, between rue Shakespeare and Cyril-W.-McDonald park
• Rue Harry-Worth, between Cyril-W.-McDonald park and boulevard de Pierrefonds
• Rue du Général-Brock, between 17e Avenue and avenue Prince-Edward
• Avenue Prince-Edward, between rue du Général-Brock and 8e Rue
• 8e Rue, between avenue Prince-Edward and 11e Avenue
• 11e Avenue, between 8e Rue and 14e Rue
• 14e Rue, between 17e Avenue and 9e Avenue
• 9e Avenue, between 14e Rue and rue du Boisé
• Rue du Boisé, between 9e Avenue and rue d’Estrérel
• Rue d’Estérel, between rue du Boisé and rue Colbert
• Rue Colbert, between rue d’Estérel and 10e Avenue
• 10e Avenue, between rue de Colbert and 14e Rue
• 17e Avenue, between 14e Rue and rue du Général-Brock

I’m very proud to see that our cycling network will once again be extended over the coming months. I encourage you to opt for your bike when going from place to place or just cycling for fun with your family. Not only is cycling a means of sustainable transportation, but it’s also an excellent way to keep fit

  • Dimitrios (Jim) Beis, Mayor of the borough of Pierrefonds-Roxboro and Ville de Montréal Executive Committee member in charge of procurement, sports and leisure and communities of diverse origins.