Nevada’s Largest Union Rallies Support for Biden’s Reelection Campaign


In Nevada, the venerated echoes of unity are fervent as the Culinary Workers Union Local 226— the largest labor conglomerate in the state— rallies behind incumbent President Joe Biden in his bid for reelection. At the epicenter of this ardent support is none other than Culinary Union Secretary-Treasurer Ted Pappageorge.

With an unshakeable determination and an uncompromising desire to ensure Nevada’s vote turn blue, Pappageorge is rallying his union members to launch an assiduous door-to-door campaign in the following months. Regulating a massive workforce upwards of 60,000 individuals, the union is directly affiliated with the Unite Here group and represents a separate subsection of the casino industry in Nevada, specifically those employees who don’t gamble— housekeepers, cooks, bellhops, waitstaff, and Porters.

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This colorful tapestry of workers, sternly and with characteristic grit, unwaveringly pledges its allegiance to the Democratic party and has routinely given its stamp of approval to the Democratic ticket. As the date for the United States’ presidential election approaches, Pappageorge and his fellow leaders within the union are uniquely motivated to ensure their members pound the pavement, deploying convincing arguments and curating support for Biden throughout Nevada.

The Culinary Union’s efforts, it seems, have not been in vain. During the elections of 2016 and 2020, the tenacity of the union was credited to a large extent for helping the state maintain the ‘blue’ political lean. Interestingly, history was rewritten when Nevada chose Hillary Clinton over President Donald Trump for the President’s Office in 2016— the first misfire from Nevada since 1976.

As the campaign trail heats up, Pappageorge, in a discussion with the French news agency AFP, expressed his firm resolve to ensure Nevada keeps President Biden in the White House. With a dedication rarely seen and an unwavering commitment to their cause, Pappageorge outlined plans to utilise union dues for the purpose of rounding up canvassers, who would make the rounds in neighborhoods tirelessly, working ten hours a day, even enduring temperatures that often peaked at 110 degrees. All to ensure a victory in the forthcoming elections.

Amidst gripping issues like the soaring costs of household necessities and the impact of the pandemic scare, Pappageorge and the union members are advocating the right of a woman to opt for an abortion and balanced border control without compromising economic stability. They collectively lay the blame for the present economic challenges at the feet of former President Donald Trump, citing his mishandling of the pandemic as the chief cause.

Notwithstanding the staunch opposition, Trump’s spokesperson Karoline Leavitt confidently affirmed their readiness to challenge the Democrats and the Culinary Union, stating that their volunteer-powered field programs are steadily expanding in strategic locations, ready to underscore the prevalent disparity between the past successes of Trump and the alleged weaknesses of Biden.

The national political foreseers point to seven states which may hold the trump card, quite literally— Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Nevada. Intriguingly, current polling averages calculated by Real Clear Polling suggest Trump holds a 3.2-point over Biden on the battleground that is Nevada.
With less than 200 days until the decisive election day, the odds seem to suggest Trump as a probable front-runner, erecting an interesting political landscape we eagerly anticipate following.