Netanyahu Invites Biden to Visit Israel Amid Hamas Conflict Recovery


Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, has extended an invitation to US President Joe Biden to pay a visit to Israel. The possibility of such a trip is currently under consideration by both nations, with the specifics still under wraps.

As of now, the stage of the talks remains unclear, including the probable timeline of the visit. When probed about the President’s emerging travel plans, National Security Council spokeswoman, Adrienne Watson declared the office had no new announcements to make.

Should the proposition come to fruition, it would underscore Biden’s staunch support for Israel at a time when the nation is recovering from the heart-rending attacks by Hamas. Israel, on their part, has been indicating preparations for a potential ground invasion of Gaza, amid escalating humanitarian concerns in the Palestinian territory. President Biden, meanwhile, has echoed the urgent requirement to safeguard civilians and to address the crippling shortages of food, water, and gas.

Biden’s proposed visit would serve as a loud and clear message to other influential actors in the region such as the Iran-backed Hezbollah, cautioning against further escalation of the conflict.

The prospective trip comes in the wake of the intense shuttle diplomacy undertaken by Secretary of State Antony Blinken, who has been engaged in a whirlwind tour of nations in a bid to stabilize regional relations. Biden, were he to embark on this journey, would likely echo his chief diplomat’s sentiments prioritizing the preservation of civilian lives.

Over the past week, Biden has had multiple phone conversations with both Netanyahu and President of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas, following the destructive attack. These talks underscore an active American role in the conflict resolution.

As part of its strategy to deter potential hostilities towards Israel, the US recently deployed a second aircraft carrier strike group to the Eastern Mediterranean. Defence Secretary Lloyd Austin maintains that this move aims to prevent expansion of the ongoing war.


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