Nelly Korda’s Shocking Downfall at U.S. Women’s Open Championship


In the gentle valleys of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, a stunning turn of events took place during the U.S. Women’s Open golf championship that had audience members gasping in disbelief. Today was a day of struggles for the spectacularly talented golfer Nelly Korda who found herself grappling with disheartening results just three holes into the tournament.

Following her third consecutive shot from less than 70 feet, Korda was left with a look of desperation as her golf ball helplessly tumbled into the seemingly innocent stream alongside the par-3 12th hole at the prestigious Lancaster Country Club. The result of this disaster was an unexpected score of 10, surely a dismaying beginning for the overwhelming favorite of the competition.

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Korda, while emphasizing that such a score would not bode well at a U.S. Open event, brushed off the daunting start as a mere undesirable day on the golf course. The top-tier golfer saw her dispiriting day round up with a score of 80, a whopping 12 shots lagging behind the leader.

This unforeseen slump was all the more shocking given Korda’s stellar track record entering the tournament. She had won six out of her last seven tournaments, one of them a major that emulated an LPGA record for five consecutive victories. Her commanding performance made the mishap on the 12th hole all the more disconcerting for audiences globally.

The chain of unfortunate events seemed to ripple into a domino effect, commencing with her waiting 25 long minutes on the tee. Unable to pick a club, she beheld preceding players Gaby Lopez and Ingrid Lindblad running into trouble on the 12th. Korda’s 6 iron pick, a curious choice considering most players not as long as her chose a 7 iron, ended up in a back bunker, the start of a series of uncharacteristic faults.

Continuing the play, Korda mentioned an obstructive leaf under her golf ball that sent the bunker shot spiraling out of control, rolling far past the front pin and plummeting into the creek. While she took responsibility for her series of substandard chips, it seemed the day was simply not in her favor.

As Korda continued her quest, an attempted low pitch up a slope rebounded off a hill and rolled back into the water, a devastating sequence repeating itself as two more low pitches followed suit. Finally gratefully free of the menacing creek on her third try, she was unable to escape the beleaguering hole unscathed as she missed an 8-foot putt, concluding the hole with a septuple-bogey 10.

The remainder of the round was equally testing for Korda, with 15 challenging holes offering little in the form of recovery opportunities. Despite these setbacks, the unrelenting golfer managed to avoid a score above 80, however, her round included a disheartening succession of bogeys.

The toll that the day took on Korda served as a stark reminder that she faced similar trials 11 months prior at Pebble Beach, and twice before at the early age of 14 and 15. However, Korda remained resilient, reminding the world and herself, “I’m human,” encapsulating her experience, “I played some really solid golf up to this point, Today was just a bad day.” It’s clear that although today might not have been Korda’s day, her formidable spirit remains to be reckoned with in the games to come.