Neighbour Dispute Escalates to Assault & Weapon Charges


On a cool evening of October 6, the tranquility of McIntyre Street East was shattered by a dispute between two neighbours. The clock rested at half-past seven when a 64-year-old resident engaged in a heated row with a neighbour, the simmering animosity boiling over within the walls of an apartment complex.

Caught in the midst of this confrontation was a third party, drawn towards the altercation by the rising voices. As this individual tried to intervene, they found themselves at the receiving end of a rather ungentle push, followed by a shower, not of kind words, but the contents of a beverage container, courtesy of the 64-year-old suspect.

The victim, now soaked and displeased, beat a hasty retreat, vacating the premises with immediate effect.

The authorities arrived on scene shortly after the incident, a knock on the suspect’s door being their first order of business. They were met with an alarming sight as the suspect emerged brandishing an edged weapon, injecting a threatening undertone into the proceedings. Despite the potential for high-stakes danger, the law enforcement agents demonstrated commendable restraint as they de-escalated the situation. The suspect eventually relinquished the weapon, landing squarely in the grip of the police.

The 64-year-old finds himself facing a host of charges including assault, uttering threats, and illegal possession of weapons. The suspect has since been released on an undertaking and is set to face the music of justice on November 14th. In one tense evening, the disgruntled resident managed to escalate a neighbourhood argument into a full-blown criminal charge.


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