Negligent Mother Arrested for Leaving Medically-Fragile Toddler in Casino Parking Lot for Five Hours


In an alarming incident that unfolded last week in Oklahoma, an irresponsibly reckless woman was arrested after abandoning her medically fragile toddler in a car at a casino parking lot. The 16-month-old was left unattended for over five hours while the mother, Dacie Yeager, was inside the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Tulsa trying her luck at the slots.

Yeager arrived at the Catoosa casino, leaving her infant daughter behind in her vehicle under the hazy morning sun at 9:30 a.m. It wasn’t until she had exhausted her fortunes inside the casino by 3:00 p.m. that she re-emerged to find the police at her car.

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The child’s peril was noticed by vigilant security guards of the gaming property who spotted the toddler alone, the vehicle hummed rhythmically as the engine had been idling due to the mother’s incredible negligence. Alarmed by the sight, police officers immediately forced opened the locked doors to rescue the helpless child.

The infant, who was reported to depend on a feeding tube, ended up in a local hospital where medical staff rapidly responded to all her needs. The child was removed from her mother’s care and given into the custody of local child welfare staff.

Attempting to conceal the true extent of her negligence, Yeager initially misled officers by claiming she had left her child for a mere twenty minutes. Yet, casino surveillance footage betrayed her untruths, revealing the absolutely horrifying fact that the child had been left alone in the vehicle for an extensive five-hour ordeal.

A recently disclosed body cam video further exposed the interaction between Yeager and a police officer. Yeager fumbled with contradictory explanations and finally confessed that she indeed gambled. She was subsequently arrested, charged with child neglect, and detained at Rogers County jail. Upon posting bond, Yeager’s case is now traversing its course through the local court system.

Catoosa Police Chief Ronnie Benight expressed his disdain for the incident, addressing local media. “The mom confessed that the child was born early and suffered medical complications,” he noted. “Not only was the feeding tube neglected, but when the infant arrived at the hospital, she was found in a filthy diaper,” he detailed. He condemned her actions highlighting, “It’s irresponsibly volatile. Get help if there’s a problem, especially if it involves endangering your children. Worst-case scenarios could involve car theft or a breakdown of the engine.”

He concluded by highlighting the weather that day, with the temperatures hitting a moderate 78 degrees, to underline the thoughtless danger into which the infant was placed.