Negligence Trial Resumes for Fatal Truck Crash Accused, Witness Absence Delays Proceedings


The ongoing trial of Milton Urgiles, accused of culpable death due to negligence in a fatal motor accident south of Alliston which took the life of Denis Garant, aged 53, resumed on Thursday.

During court proceedings, a police interview conducted with Urgiles in May of 2021 was shown. Within this interview, one of the police officers said, “He warned you the previous day, and yet he tragically died in the same truck the following day. The implications are troubling.”

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With translation assistance, Urgiles shared his willingness to assist the police in their investigation into the deadly dump truck incident that ended the life of his driver, Denis Garant, eight months earlier in an area south of Alliston.

During his exhibit in court, Urgiles swore divinely that the truck was in perfect condition, suggesting that a flat tire was not a result of any issue with the steering wheel. After his statement, he indicated his intention of consulting his lawyer.

Subsequently, Urgiles was charged with culpable homicide due to negligence. His trial that commenced last week in Barrie has experienced a number of hurdles and postponements. One such complication was the absence of a vital witness, who despite being called by the Crown, is yet to appear in court.

This week, a warrant was issued by Justice Mary Vallee for the arrest of Janeth Zambrano. Zambrano had been requested to offer testimony regarding her cohabitant, Urgiles, who was known to have served as a supervisor to Garant at his spouse’s trucking company.

It’s noted that Garant had texted Urgiles on the day preceding the solo vehicle accident at the Adjala-Tosorontio-New Tecumseth town border, voicing concerns about issues with the truck’s steering. Urgiles, in his police interview, stated that the truck passed inspection and he had dialogued with Garant about the issue prior to the incident later that same day.

On the day of the accident, the truck plowed into a ditch before colliding with a tree, killing Garant at approximately 11 a.m. on September 22, 2020.

Currently, the court must reach a conclusion concerning whether Zambrano’s previous court testimonies, given at a preliminary hearing six months prior, will qualify as valid evidence in his upcoming trial.

Urgiles maintained his assertion that there were no mechanical issues with the truck when he inspected it following Garant’s warning text message.

Though the two-week trial was initially slated to conclude this Friday, the defense has informed the court that it is unlikely to do so, as they need more time to bring forth additional evidence.