Nearly one-third of Quebec’s population volunteers


by Eva Tomlin

In 2013, 32% of the Quebec population aged 15 and over practiced at least one activity on behalf of a group or a non-profit organization. In total, 268 million hours were devoted to volunteer activities. A review of the evolution of volunteering in Québec shows that between 2004 and 2013, the proportion of volunteers in Quebec and the total number of volunteer hours remained relatively stable.

A report put out by the Institut de la Statistique du Québec for the year 2013 was released today showing the evolution of volunteerism since 2004. The study shows that though people aged 65 and over are less likely to volunteer than younger people when they choose to volunteer their time, they work more hours.

Organizations in the culture and recreation, social services and education and research sectors attracted the highest proportions of volunteers in 2013. More than two-thirds of Quebec volunteers spent time in organizations from one or more of these sectors.


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