NBA Scandal: Former Player Jontay Porter Banned for Lifetime over Illicit Betting Scheme


In a riveting ripple of the sports world, a New York resident has been served with charges tied to an illicit sports betting scheme, a scandal chillingly gripping enough to draw a lifetime ban for former NBA player Jontay Porter from the league. It’s a notable turning point, the first ever criminal consequence directly stemming from the case.

Delving into the cold facts of the court complaint, Porter himself remains unnamed. However, a carefully traced silhouette of “Player 1” reveals a striking similarity to the trajectory of the ex-Toronto Raptors player’s fall from grace earlier this year. Federal prosecutors based in Brooklyn were coy, neither confirming nor denying if Porter is under their microscope.

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Breon Peace, the U.S. Attorney stationed in Brooklyn, painted a vivid picture of the allegations. “Player 1”, along with the alleged accomplices, had been engaged in audacious illegal betting activities. Their influence, he noted, marred two games and countless bets, contaminating the pure essence of the sport.

Peace’s statement conveyed the gravity of the situation. “Every point matters, whether on the court or in the casino,” he solemnly declared.

The court’s document elaborates a clandestine exchange where the player communicated directly with the defendant, Long Phi Pham, and unnamed alleged co-defendants. Their discrete communications came under scrutiny when the NBA started investigating this spring. Subsequently, the player raised red-flag warnings to Pham and others, cryptically hinting at the possibility of a federal racketeering charge, colloquially known as “a rico,” through an encrypted messaging app.

Details about Porter’s current whereabouts were vague and elusive, proving a challenge for immediate contact.

As per the court complaint, the player was drowning in “significant gambling debts” owed to at least one alleged co-conspirator, which created a pressure to resolve the mounting debts. The player, thus, was swayed into performing a “special” — a deliberate decision to underperform in games, thereby turning the odds for those privy to the scheme, who bet on his underperformance.

An encrypted message found in court papers reveals the player’s distress. The player voiced fears of the dire consequences if he didn’t deliver what was agreed upon and settle his $8,000 debt by Friday. “Then it’s up. And u hate me and if I don’t get u 8k by Friday you’re coming to Toronto to beat me up,” he conveyed starkly.

The player, in fact, had signaled that he would bow out of a Jan. 26 game prematurely, citing an injury. Although the player claimed to have hurt an eye in a game earlier that week, he was not listed as injured. His fleeting appearance in that game lasted merely 4 minutes and 24 seconds. Bowing out early citing eye problems, Porter’s performance was lackluster – no points, three rebounds, and a measly one assist, all well beneath what sportsbooks had anticipated. A win for those “in-the-know” who bet the “under”.

Two alleged co-conspirators reaped huge payouts from the scheme, one netting a cool $33,250 and another’s relative raking in a hearty $75,000.

A similar strategy was employed for a March 20 game where the player promised to feign illness to exit the game, helping some defendants make a total of over $1 million from their shrewd “under” bets.

While the NBA showed Porter the exit door in April for disclosing confidential health information to a sports bettor and using another’s account to bet on games he was not playing in, much of this windfall was halted when a betting company became suspicious.

Charged with conspiring to defraud a sports betting company, Long Phi Pham, a Brooklyn local, made his court appearance on Tuesday. The league has decided to share their findings with federal prosecutors with further developments keenly awaited.

Worth approximately $410,000 this year, the 24-year-old Porter averaged 4.4 points, 3.2 rebounds and 2.3 assists in his 26 games this season, featuring five starts, and played 11 games for the Memphis Grizzlies in the 2020-21 season. With his promising career now threatened by this scandal, the story continues to unfold with the prospect of more revelations and consequences.