Nationwide Protests Challenge Gender-Affirming School Policies; Ontario Education Officials Brace for Impact


In London, Ontario, a mounting concern has been observed among local education officials and teachers’ unions regarding a protest set for Wednesday morning. This event forms a part of a wider series of protests happening nationwide, organised by groups contesting gender affirming practices in schools.

The proceedings could prove disturbing for a host of educators, says Craig Smith, the current president of the Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario Thames Valley. He recommends that teachers liaise with school principals to establish a safety protocol, particularly if they feel their workplace is being threatened.

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Teachers are also encouraged to ensure the wellbeing of both students and colleagues, considering that such scenarios could potentially cause emotional distress. The group calling for these protests, identified as Our Duty Canada, has organised a so-called ‘1 Million March 4 Children’ event slated for Wednesday morning, including one outside the Thames Valley District School Board headquarters on Dundas Street East in London.

The intent behind these demonstrations is to oppose the gender-affirming policies adopted by school boards. These protestors, receiving support from various right-wing organizations, are expected to be met with counter protestors. The Ontario Federation of Labour is rallying its members to challenge the event outside the school board.

Ontario Secondary School Teachers of Ontario Thames Valley Local President, John Bernans, affirms that supporting students’ gender expression choices is integral to fostering self-determination among young individuals. Some of the federation’s members will be participating, particularly in solidarity with students who might feel directly targeted by the protest.

Bill Tucker, the ex-director of education at the Thames Valley District School Board and current teacher at Western University’s Faculty of Education, reflected on the contemporary social and political scenario that teachers have to navigate. Amid these changes, he emphasized on maintaining focus on the primary objective – the wellbeing and safety of students.

While the school board remains silent on the issue until the protest materializes, it has been revealed that safety and security measures are being devised in agreement with London Police Service. The presence of law enforcement is confirmed, and depending on the situation, local road closures may ensue as well.

Unfortunate occurrences were reported on the eve of the protest, with vandalism inflicted upon three local union offices of frontline education workers. A statement by CUPE points to “transphobic bigots” motivated by certain political figures, as the perpetrators. Resorting to law enforcement, the union has filed reports and submitted evidence with London police.

Laura Walton, President of CUPE’s Ontario School Boards Council of Unions, recognises vandalism as an age-old intimidation tactic against workers and oppressed groups, deployed by detractors of freedom, equality, and justice. Despite this, she asserts that frontline education workers will confront those propagating hate, continuing their struggle for safe and inclusive public schools.