Nationwide Manhunt Intensified for Accidentally Released Murder Suspect Kevin Mason


Authorities are intensifying the nationwide manhunt for Kevin Mason, a murder suspect who was inadvertently released from Indianapolis’ Marion County adult detention center. The Marion County Sheriff’s office is appealing to the public for assistance in relocating the erroneously freed fugitive.

28-year-old Mason was set free on September 13 in an unfortunate oversight traced back to a flawed records examination conducted by the detention center staff. His freedom came about unexpectedly two days following his arrest. His current whereabouts remain unknown, with Marion County sheriff’s Col. James Martin admitting that it is uncertain if Mason is still within county lines.

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On September 11, Mason was apprehended in Indiana by virtue of three outstanding warrants from Minnesota. One of those directives called for his detainment on the suspicion of murder in relation to a 2021 shooting incident in Minneapolis. The remaining two warrants involved an alleged parole violation and possession of firearms, as stated by Martin.

His accidental release occurred when a Marion County sheriff’s clerk, under the belief that she was rectifying duplicate bookings, removed two holds on Mason’s file. Subsequently, a Minnesota-based clerk lifted the final hold on Mason’s record, overlooking the previous day’s mistake.

In the wake of this huge administrative blunder, both clerks involved in Mason’s untimely release have been discharged from their duties, with an internal probe initiated to investigate their actions. Martin admitted, “This was an error – this should not have happened. Mason should not have been released from our custody.”

Awareness of the clerical mistake came to light “shortly after” Mason’s release, triggering a relentless, full-scale manhunt. This follows a previous nationwide manhunt for prison escapee Danilo Cavalcante in Pennsylvania, who managed to elude law enforcement personnel for two weeks before being apprehended. The presently ongoing search for Mason is being supplemented by the US Marshals Service, previously involved in the hunt for Cavalcante.

Despite the grave nature of the situation, authorities delayed alerting the public of Mason’s accidental release for almost a week, a decision geared towards maintaining a tactical edge. Martin, speaking to the press, explained this tactic was aimed to prevent Mason from becoming overly cautious and diving further underground.

A Minnesota native, Mason had been in Indianapolis since carrying out the alleged shooting and has local Indianapolis ties. Law enforcement officials are apprehensive about the possibility of Mason having fled the area following his accidental release and receiving assistance in evading capture.

Mason, approximately 5’9” tall and weighing around 205 pounds, sports distinctive tattoos – a cross under his right eye and the inscription “SUB” on his chest. While there are currently no indications of immediate public danger, Martin issued a cautionary advisory, urging the public not to approach Mason under any circumstances. The Sheriff’s office is urging anyone with any leads concerning Mason’s whereabouts to come forward.