National’s Slippage in Poll Requires Alliance: NZ Election Tension Rises


A recent poll reveals a further slippage in support for National to 36%, necessitating a political alliance with NZ First for government formation. NZ First stood at 6% with Labour at 26%, the Greens elevated one point to 13%, and Act remaining stable at 12%. Te Pāti Māori, on the other hand, experienced a 1% drop, holding at 2%.

National leader Christopher Luxon voiced his concern, arguing against notions of the election’s predetermined outcome. He highlighted the pervasive desire for change within the nation, emphasizing the significance of each vote in achieving that change. In his view, Luxon lacked the political prowess to unite Act leader David Seymour and NZ First leader Winston Peters, a claim that Hipkins supported. Peters’ response underscored the importance of experience and accountability.

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If the results of the poll were to be reflected in Parliament, National and Act would fall one shy of the 61 seats needed for a majority. The left bloc comprising Labour, the Greens, and Te Pāti Māori would muster a meager 52 seats.

Despite the political tension, Luxon and Hipkins remained equally popular choices for Prime Minister, each drawing 23% of support. This poll resulted in a six-year low for Labour. However, National was pointed out to be on a downward trend as well.

The poll, conducted on 1002 eligible voters from September 23 to 26, revealed an 11% of undecided voters or those withholding their choice. This contrasts with the findings from the previous week’s poll, which suggested National and Act could form a majority government with 61 seats.

Luxon also contended with issues such as falling math levels in schools, citing them as unacceptable. The education discussion paused for a break before resuming, with Luxon voicing his displeasure over a potential Labour-Green-Te Pati Māori alliance.

In an attempt to counteract the disapproval, Hipkins recalled an inflammatory quote made by a NZ First candidate against Māori and questioned Luxon’s willingness to cooperate with such individuals.

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