National Bank Commits Half a Million Dollars to Support West Island Community Shares


With a delicious breakfast and amazing support from the community, West Island Community Shares launched its 2019-2020 Annual Campaign today at Les Trois Brasseurs, Pointe-Claire, with a major announcement. Close to 500 members of the community, including members of the 41 community groups supported by the organization, corporate and fundraising partners, donors, elected officials and volunteers, were ecstatic to learn about National Bank’s contribution of half a million dollars to their community over the next five years.

“National Bank strongly believes in Community Shares’ mission to build a strong, inclusive, peaceful and healthy West Island community,” said Mr. Yannick Pelletier, Associate Vice-President, Commercial Banking at National Bank. “A few months ago, my colleagues and I witnessed first-hand the very real needs that exist in the community when we met with several local organizations during the Share the Love campaign. Thanks to this experience, I’ve decided to extend my personal commitment to the organization. I’m extremely proud to have joined Community Shares’ Board of Directors and to be this year’s Campaign Chair. Long-term funding is essential for all charities so that they can plan ahead, and that’s why I encourage other business leaders and companies to join us and have a positive impact in people’s lives,” added Mr. Pelletier.

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“We’re beyond excited to have the support of National Bank for the next five years, and grateful to welcome Yannick as our Campaign Chair,” said Sophie McCann, Executive Director of West Island Community Shares. “Our objective is to support 65,000 West-Islanders who ask for help every year, by giving back $1.3M to at least 41 community organizations. All donations will be invested in developing strong, resilient children, creating bridges and supporting vulnerable populations, fostering healthy bodies and minds, empowering women, and lastly, fulfilling our neighbours’ basic needs. We can’t do any of this or reach our goal without the generosity of residents, business owners, as well as our corporate and fundraising partners.”

About West Island Community Shares
West Island Community Shares is a unique charitable organization dedicated to building a strong, inclusive, peaceful and healthy community. We do this by raising crucial funds for 41 local community groups which focus on developing strong and resilient children, creating bridges to support vulnerable populations, and empowering women to reach their full potential for themselves and their families. West Island Community Shares’ unique model allows 100% of donations to be given back to these community projects thanks to the generous support of corporate partners and partial revenues from internal events which cover all operational costs.