Nathaniel Veltman Trial Proceeds Over Fatal Truck Collision with Afzaal Family


The legal proceedings against Nathaniel Veltman, a 22 year old man, persist in Windsor, associated with his gravely consequential actions on June 6, 2021, which resulted in the death of four individuals and severe injuries to a fifth.

In a mutual agreement over the stated facts, Veltman conceded to being the one in control of his Dodge Ram pickup truck, which violently collided with the Afzaal family while they were patiently waiting to cross the street at the junction of Hyde Park Road and South Carriage Road. Tragically, the family of Talat Afzaal, her son Salman, his wife Madiha, and their daughter Yumnah lost their lives in the incident, while their nine-year-old son withstood severe injuries.

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Earlier, Veltman had pleaded not guilty to an indictment that included four counts of terrorism-motivated first-degree murder and one count of terrorism-motivated attempted murder.

During the Monday session in the court, testimonies were given by two forensic identification officers from the London Police Service, with Det. Const. Specialist Richard Veerman assigned to the job of photographing the interior of Veltman’s truck and his downtown dwelling.

While directing the jury through the photos of his apartment, Veerman highlighted the stark contrast between the orderly bathroom and closet and the disheveled condition of the rest of the studio apartment, strewn with clothing. The jury noticed how most of the kitchen drawers and the dresser were left open, with their contents exposed.

The police had also captured images of a laptop, two USB drives, a router, and a cell phone on a charger. Veerman documented the pickup truck, stationed in a secure area of a local towing service, unveiling a plastic evidence sheet that covered the front end of the vehicle. It revealed pink and green fabric particles embedded into the hood.

Det. Const. Chris Thomas informed the jury about the pictures he had captured; both at the locus of the collision and of the damaged pickup truck in a shopping mall’s parking lot, where Veltman had given himself up to the police. Thomas was documenting the places where evidence cones had been provisionally arranged by traffic management officers.

The jury was shown photos of a sequence of blue cones, which seemed to trace the truck’s trajectory as it veered off the road, traversed along the sidewalk and grass, and then pivoted back onto the street.

Furthermore, Federal prosecutor Sarah Shaikh read two new mutually agreed statements of facts to the jury. The first one directly connected some members of the Afzaal family to the pickup truck.

According to Shaikh, the DNA of both Talat and Salman were identified on the hood of the truck, while Madiha’s DNA was found on the truck’s push bar.

The disputing parties also agreed that the clothing Talat and Madiha wore was consistent with the fabric particles embedded in the truck’s hood.

In the second mutually agreed upon statement, the retrieved contents from Veltman’s truck were itemized: an airsoft pistol that bore a striking resemblance to a black handgun, a six-inch serrated knife, a two-inch curved serrated knife, and a sheathed 12-inch machete.

Items such as Veltman’s driver’s license and a financial institution card were also seized from his vehicle’s cup holder.

These evidentiary disclosures in the ongoing trial vitalize Windsor’s superior court, with proceedings anticipated to continue Tuesday.