Nathaniel Veltman Ongoing Trial: Accused in Horrific Family Murder Faces First Responders Testimony


The proceedings around Nathaniel Veltman, who stands accused in the June 2021 fatal case that claimed four lives from a single Muslim family and severely injured a fifth member, are ongoing in Windsor.

The lamentable incident left the grandmother, Talat, her son Salman, his wife Madiha, and daughter Yumnah brutally murdered, while their young nine-year-old son underwent intensive treatments for critical injuries. At approximately 8:40 p.m. on the fateful day, a pickup truck, already confirmed by the defense to be Veltman’s, ruthlessly plowed into the innocent family.

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Constable Sarah Cochrane, who provided her statement on Tuesday, informed the jury that she was among the first responders at Hyde Park Road and South Carriage road, the scene of the collision. She made a tactical decision to diver towards a different location, where the suspect was reportedly sheltering—an area around a nearby shopping center.

As per Cochrane’s claim, Veltman was first spotted near a taxi cab within the shopping precinct. Upon her arrival, Veltman surrendered by dropping to his knees, a tactical disadvantage for the officer, leading her to securely command him to lie down on his abdomen with his arms stretched out. Safeguarding herself and leaving no room for Veltman’s escape, Cochrane positioned herself over his right arm and kneeled on his back.

In the first instance, Veltman was taken into custody for dangerous driving as per Cochrane’s testimony. A swift pat-down uncovered a bulletproof vest and military-style helmet, which were promptly presented to the jury panel, in addition to an empty knife sheath from his waistband. Throughout this process, Constable Cochrane maintained, Veltman displayed no signs of remorse or distress, instead appearing to be in high spirit.

Upon confirming that Veltman indeed made some comments, Crown Attorney Jennifer Moser chose not to delve into their context. Moments into the arrest, Cochrane informed Veltman of the upgrade in his charges to attempted murder and proceeded to read him his rights, both for legal counsel representation and to maintain silence.

Veltman, who was handcuffed and behind the cruiser’s confines, nonchalantly responded by forming an “okay” symbol with his hands. Post a swift consultation with her superior, Cochrane read out his rights for a second time after escalating his charges yet again – this time to first-degree murder.

On their way to the headquarters, Cochrane conscientiously ensured that Veltman was unable to engage with other drivers, testifying that she deliberately maneuvered her cruiser so as to limit his line of sight. Veltman’s defense attorney, Christopher Hicks is slated to cross-examine Cochrane come Wednesday.

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