Napier Doctors Group Imposes New Admin Fee, Sparks Anxiety Among Patients


The Doctors Napier Group, extending across four medical centres in Napier, has been rebuked for the imposition of a new $10 “admin fee” for patients who fail to cover their bills within a two-day span. The unexpected fee, executed this month, has raised concerns about the potential deterrence of medical visits by patients.

Seeking to reduce the backlog of an astounding 4200 outstanding invoices, the Directors introduced the new charge in hopes of ensuring the continuity of their operations and services. Patients are now advised to clear their payments for consultations upon arrival and administrative services at the conclusion of each consultation.

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However, it has become apparent that this new charge is discouraging for many. Anita Lamonte, a Napier local and patient at The Doctors Napier, voiced her concern regarding the changes and the possibility of discouraging patients. She highlighted the likelihood of individuals being financially unable to cover a medical consult on any given day and thereby needing more than the allocated two days to make the payment.

Backing her point, she recounted her recent experience with the centre, where she was urged to make immediate payment for a phone prescription, an unusual encounter for her. The receipt of the payment within the two-day limit to evade the $10 fee was a source of heightened anxiety.

Additionally, the doctors group has unveiled a new payment system to expedite the payment process via a link disseminated through text or email. Still, this solution does little to cater to the financial hardships of the patients who face difficulties in affording the fees within such a short notice.

Interestingly, Lamonte pointed out the rise in service charges in the context of the government’s move to eliminate a $5 co-payment fee for prescription medication earlier this year. She found the increase of $4 from $18 to $22 for her repeat script to be significant.

In these challenging times, when medical facilities are gearing up to be more accessible, it is a paradox to observe the Doctors Group of Napier following a different path. Their strategy seems to diverge from the collective effort to make health services more affordable for all.

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