N.W.T Students Won’t Have Full-Time Classes Yet


The chief public health office and Education Minister R.J. Simpson stated that N.W.T high school students won’t be attending regular, full-time classes yet. Sir John Franklin High School in Yellowknife hasn’t held full-time classes for six months now, as its students spent that time with part-time classes.

Principal Dean MacInnis supports that, believing that part-time classes are a much better option than having no classes at all. He believes that full-time classes should be implemented soon, though:

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“The best scenario is having kids attend school all day. There’s no getting around that.”

Students from Sir John Franklin High School attend classes in the morning and then go back home to continue their education remotely. It seems that this will continue for quite some time.

Education Minister R.J. Simpson stated:

“It’s likely there won’t be any changes for the remainder of the school year.”

Yukon has started relaxing the measures already, and it’s expected for all students to move to full-time learning on April 19.

Yukon’s deputy minister of education, Nicole Morgan, announced:

“The risks are very low and outweigh the risks of keeping students out of school full time. We know that students learn better when they are in school and they have the support of their teachers, their classmates and their friends.”

When asked when her territory plans to bring back full-time classes, Dr. Kami Kandola, N.W.T chief public officer of health, said:

“It really depends on what’s happening in the rest of Canada due to the third wave.”