N.S. Premier says that all willing People in the Province may be vaccinated by the end of June


According to Premier Iain Rankin, all Nova Scotians willing to get the first shot of COVID-19 could have it before the end of June. On Thursday, days after the Canadian National Advisory Committee on Immunization, the announcement was made that the second dose could be separated by the first one for up to four months.

As the Province continues to administer the vaccine, three new cases were reported on Thursday, bringing the total cases to 29. Two of the cases are a result of close contacts which were previously reported. Five of the people are in hospital, including those who are under intensive care.

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N.S. also has a relaxed restriction in the Halifax area as the new cases remain low. The restriction was placed less than a week ago, including restraint opening hours, non-essential travel, sports, and performances.

Rankin said the lifting of restriction in Halifax was due to low infections this week. Last week, the number of infections in the region was high, which prompted restituting the restrictions: last Friday, N.S. , recorded ten new cases, which were the highest the Province had recorded since 6th January.

Now restaurants and bars resume the previous dine-in service and stopping their service by 10 p.m. in performing arts and sports, a group of 60 can gather without necessary social distancing for rehearsals and competitions. Spectators can also attend such events.

Rankin also spoke about the issue of the booking for the vaccination appointment. He said that the website is being updated to ease the process. The administration of vaccines will be administered by doctors and pharmacists in the Province.