N.L Expats Watch Helplessly As The Coronavirus Ravages India


Mini Nair is in touch with her father and mother each day. She sees their anxiety as they pace from one end of the room to the next wondering when they will be able to leave their home.

However, talking to them via video as the virus ravages the world has not done much to quell her worries.

Her parents are in Kerala, India an area well known for its beaches and tropical floods. She says that the father does not really understand why he can’t go for a walk around the neighborhood. Staying indoors all day is getting him frustrated, something he wasn’t before the pandemic struck.

India has caught the world’s attention in the past few days as a wave of infections washed over the country. Reports indicate that hospitals are overflowing with admissions and a stark shortage of oxygen. The dying are not taken into the emergency room.

In the past few hours, the country has admitted at least 350000 fresh infections, this is according to Leeanne Singh.

She has been indoors for the last three weeks, watching helplessly as the fatalities increase.

Mumbai alone a population the size of Canada, and the streets are constantly teeming with persons walking around. She says that they are potential vectors for the virus and many other illnesses. Like Nair, she feels restless and is having a difficult time coping with the current situation.

As the variant B1617 spiked across the country this past week, Canadian authorities banned all flights from India. But that has not stopped the virus from spreading across borders.

The ban on travel has made it difficult for Nair, who hopes to visit her parents.


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