N.B Registers One More Death In Zone 4, Three More Infections


Another one of New Brunswick’s residents has succumbed to COVID-19. Dr. Russell reported this unfortunate incident this past Tuesday.

The person was a resident at Manoir Belle Vue, Edmundston, where 86 cases have been registered. Health officials estimate he was aged between 80 and 90 years. The virus caused this death, together with other issues, the doctor noted.

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As of Tuesday, 24 deaths have been registered since this pandemic started. Edmundston’s zone 4 is still under the red stage of recovery. Dr. Russell noted that they plan to perform a re-assessment of the situation in the following days to find out when zone 4 can re-join provinces in the less restrictive orange stage.

She also stated that the outbreak at Parkland St. John hospital officially quashed, having not seen any new cases for the past month. The doctor also announced new infections in Moncton (one case), Edmundston (two cases). The official infection figures for New Brunswick stand at 1404.

Since this past Monday, about 12 persons have been issued recovery certificates, which brings the total recovery to 1249. So far, the province has seen 24 deaths and currently has 130 active cases.

Six individuals have been hospitalized, with two under intensive care. So far, about 219140 persons have been tested, and this includes 793 new tests since a report was issued on Monday.

As March comes, so is the risk of new variants. For that reason, Dr. Russell is asking people to stick to their zones. She said that she was happy to see people holding the family day in their zones.

However, she reminded people of the variant-driven outbreak in Labrador and Newfoundland, noting that the province stands with them during this time of need. She also pointed out that the strategies people have been taught over the past year, like wearing fitting masks, social distancing, washing hands, and staying at home if unwell, will help fight emerging variants.

The doctor noted that testing has declined over the past few days, although she said this should not be a cause for concern. New Brunswick is optimistic that they will receive the much-needed vaccines to protect all long-term caregivers and health care workers before March ends.

Dorothy shepherd, health minister, noted that she believes the vaccines will help them fight off the virus, although she felt the date is not right. She added that their success at keeping infections under control would depend on whether the vaccines arrive on time.
N.B is also expecting close to 2400 doses of Moderna before February ends. What isn’t clear is how much of these vaccines will go to the north.