Mystery Surrounds Deactivation of Vegan Activist Tash Peterson’s Instagram Account


Well-known and often controversial vegan activist Tash Peterson has suddenly found her Instagram account deactivated, leaving her followers on the popular social media platform baffled and dismayed. The Western Australian influencer mysteriously vanished from Instagram on Monday without any prior hint or announcement.

In the wake of her primary account’s deactivation, Peterson switched to her alternate Instagram account where she posted pictures from her recent visit to the breathtaking Northern Lights in Norway on Wednesday. The updates led to a flurry of comments from her followers, expressing their frustration and bewilderment at her primary account’s abrupt shutdown.

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The nature of her account’s closure remains uncertain; however, this isn’t a first-time incident for Peterson. Several followers voiced their annoyance at this repeated pattern. One exasperated fan pointed out, “Ughhh I hate how they keep banning your IG account. I never understood what do they profit off of it.” Similar sentiments were echoed, with many encouraging Peterson not to surrender to such obstacles. Responding to these reactions, Peterson confirmed her resilience with a light-hearted yet firm remark, “Haha yes so frustrating! I sure won’t.”

However, some of these comments have since been deleted, adding another layer of complexity to the situation. Peterson, originally hailing from Perth, has never been far from the limelight, owing to her controversial advocacy methods. She has often made headlines for her dramatic protests against what she perceives as animal cruelty.

Her bold tactics have included protesting against high-end luxury stores, where she smeared herself in red liquid to simulate blood, symbolizing the gruesome abuse animals face. This year, on June 30, she staged a protest against the famous Frye restaurant in Perth. Her actions came in response to the restaurant’s owner, Chef John Mountain’s decision to ban vegans from his establishment. Mountain has since initiated a defamation lawsuit against Peterson, alleging that her posts on Facebook and Instagram have caused significant damage to his business.