My autistic son Michael’s lesson to me


by Joanne Giacomini, 

I have developed a small skin infection that is quite painful. With antibiotics, Advil and rest, I know it will get better in time. I’m not surprised that I developed something like this as I have been under a lot of stress lately. Like a lot of Moms, I have been telling Michael to rest, eat right and relax, but until recently, have not been practicing what I preach. Michael has started listening, and as usual, he impressed with with his observations and his compassion.

“That looks so sore. I’m sorry you feel bad Mommy. I hope you feel better soon and the doctor helps with you with medicine.”

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This was how he responded yesterday at breakfast when I told him I would be going to the walk-in clinic to check out a blister/burn that had me up then night before in extreme pain. I was so touched that he was so sympathetic. He had come a long way from the child who had no sense of anyone outside of himself.

“Thanks honey. I’ll be fine.”

Then of course he wanted to know where the clinic was and we talked about directions. 🙂 Until he left for school we talked about taking care of ourselves, relaxing, and how important health was. Thanks Michael for the reminder to stay in balance.

What surprising lessons about balance about health have your Exceptional Children taught you, Exceptional Moms? Have you been surprised by insightful comments that got you to think twice about how you care for yourself and others? If not, the day is coming when they will surprise you, and when it happens, you will be filled with compassion for yourself and others in a whole new way. You will also remember how important your words and example are to your children and think before you speak and act. Until next time.

Joanne Giacomini is a writer, editor and blogger. She writes poetry, fiction and blogs about how her son with autism is raising her! You can follow her adventures at “Exceptional Mom/Exceptional Child”