Muslim Community In Edmonton Urge Policy Change To Curb Islamophobia


The Canada’s National Council of Muslim released a number of policy recommendations geared towards curbing islamophobia on Monday at news conferences held in various places in the country.

A number of leaders in the Edmonton Muslim Community spoke to local media at the Sahaba Mosque, Boyle Street, regarding the need for urgent action. Recently, the city has become a hotbed of Islamophobia across the country, with several attacks on women dressed in the hijab.

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The policy recommendation is meant for all government levels and feature a Criminal Code amendment to fight hate crimes Islamophobia, and racism.

The change comes ahead of a national summit on curbing Islamophobia, Thursday, that the MPs called last June following an attack on the Afzaals.

A potential recommendation from the municipal level is investing in and celebrating Muslim culture and history. The NCCM created the recommendations after it received feedback from the Muslim community and mosques in Canada.

The other recommendation that is meant to fight violence and islamophobia is to enact street harassment laws with the ticketing entity. The NCCM gave mentioned a recent move by the Edmonton Council as an example.

A motion that passed unopposed last April is encouraging the Administration to collaborate with the anti-racism advisory committee to come up with modifications to the anti-bullying clauses in the public space bylaw.