Muskoka Lakes Firefighters Tackle Million-Dollar Cottage Blaze for Eight Hours


Firefighters from Muskoka Lakes dedicated almost a full day on Sunday to a challenging battle against a rampant cottage fire that broke out on Camp Jackson Road, Muskoka. The sizeable fire rapidly consumed the peaceful abode after originating in the kitchen and spreading with relentless destruction across the entire property.

The Muskoka Lakes fire department indicated that their crews reached the scene shortly past the midday sun and committed slightly over eight long, arduous hours to the task of dousing the raging flames and hot pockets that stubbornly covered the holiday home. The glowing embers proved relentless, but the perseverance of the fire crew eventually won the day.

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The homeowner had been within the confines of the property when the fire clutches claimed the cottage. Miraculously however, amidst the ruin and chaos, injuries were entirely avoided. Nonetheless, the noble old structure suffered staggering damage. Estimates suggest that the exquisite cottage, now a shell of its former self, incurred damage priced around the hefty sum of $2 million.

Although the entire event turned out to be a distressing incident that stole away the tranquility of the peaceful Sunday in Muskoka, the swift actions of Muskoka Lakes fire crews prevented what could have been a much worse scenario.