Music Mogul Sean Combs Publicly Admits to Assaulting Ex-Girlfriend Amid Lawsuits


There was a palpable weight of regret on music titan, Sean “Diddy” Combs’s face as he faced the camera in a video message addressing an incident in which he confessed to assaulting his former girlfriend, Cassie. In this somber confession shared on Instagram and Facebook, Combs conceded to the haunting reality of a 2016 assault on the R&B songstress.

In the wake of a security video released by CNN showcasing this appalling scene, the music mogul could not evade accepting responsibility for his odious actions. Portrayed in the video is Combs, garbed solely in a white towel, physically attacking his ex-lover, Cassie. Footage revealed the horrifying ordeal where she was not only punched and kicked but also shoved, dragged and had a hazardous vase flung toward her.

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The victim of this grand scale injustice, whose legal name is Cassandra Ventura, bravely stepped forward in November, suing the businessman over numerous allegations spanning sexual, physical, and emotional maltreatment. What seemed to be a quick resolution with the suit settling the next day, actually unleashed a pandemonium of scrutiny towards Combs. Numerous lawsuits shortly flooded in, which in turn, brought forth a federal criminal sex-trafficking investigation leading to authorities raiding Combs’ high-profile mansions in Los Angeles and Miami.

Parallel to the flooding lawsuits, the mogul offered his first apology in what has been six tumultuous months of allegations jeopardizing his reputation and career. Compassionately expressing his remorse, Combs casts a glimpse of his journey toward his redemptive path. In what seems to be a candid and heartfelt confession, Combs mentions seeking professional help, turning to therapy, rehab, and spirituality to make amends and emerge as a better man.

The attorneys of Ventura and other women who have brought suits against Combs, including Meredith Firetog, perceive the apology as an act of desperation and an attempt to restore his image more than a sincere apology to those affected by his actions. They pointed out the timing of the apology only after his denials were publicly disproven as a transparent maneuver to salvage his faltering standing.

Backtracking to December, after Ventura and a few more women filed lawsuits against him, Combs had surreptitiously dismissed all allegations with unsubstantiated general denial on Instagram. However, a hotel security footage has emerged that emulates the events as narrated by Ventura in her lawsuit. According to the lawsuit, Combs allegedly paid a hefty $50,000 to the hotel to acquire the security footage immediately following the traumatic encounter.

Though the unsettling facts have been laid bare before public scrutiny, Combs is not to be criminally prosecuted due to expired statutes of limitations for the potential assault and battery charges. It is noted that those limitations also apply to several other allegations in the slew of lawsuits that ensued. However, federal investigators are not backing down and are ardently seeking potential crimes they can levy against him under the law.

The relationship backstory between these estranged lovers spans more than a decade with Ventura having signed onto Combs’s music label in 2005. Their romantic involvement has been described as tumultuous with several periods of off-again and on-again interactions. The resolution of the series of lawsuits against Combs is still pending.