Murder Suspect in Daring Escape from Georgian Jail with Three Inmates


In a dramatic and daring escape from a central Georgian jail, four inmates, one of whom is a murder suspect, eluded authorities and are now on the loose. The escape occurred through a compromised second-floor window and a gap in the perimeter fences.

The dramatic breakout took place from the Bibb County Detention Center, positioned in Macon, situated approximately 84 miles southeast of Atlanta. The daring race to freedom took place in the secluded stillness of 3 a.m., according to reports from the Bibb County Sheriff’s Office.

An escape route was formed through an impaired day room window which led them to a debarred fence. An unexpected aid came from a blue Dodge Challenger, stationed in the parking lot adjacent to the fence, the driver seeming to play an indirect role in the prisoners’ successful escape.

Video footage unveiled a car, present prior to the events that transpired, displaying signs of meddling with the fence and the insertion of numerous objects in the confined space. Investigators believe these objects facilitated the inmate’s desperate bid for liberty, said Sheriff David Davis at a recent press conference.

To rein in the situation, the active involvement of the FBI, local law enforcement, and the US Marshals Service has been guaranteed. The escapees in question are Joey Fournier, 52, charged with murder, Marc Kerry Anderson, 24, under allegations of aggravated assault, and Chavis Demaryo Stokes, 29, suspected of firearm possession and drug trafficking.

In addition, Johnifer Dernard Barnwell, 37, who is detained under federal charges linked to armed drug trafficking, also managed to evade authorities and is currently on the run. Investigators are still combing through the footage of the blue vehicle stationed near the jail, its potential role in aiding the escape still under scrutiny.

At the time of the escape, the jail was overseen by less than ten staff members. In light of the incident, the facility has initiated several staffing modifications. Concurrently, an internal investigation has been launched to uncover how the inmates breached their cells and entered the day room, a space that was potentially left accessible due to the expectation of inmate sleeping hours.

Interestingly, it appears that the inmates were not acquainted prior to their detention, except for three of the fugitives who had previous encounters with the detention center. Their audacious escape originated from the most antiquated section of the facility which has stood for over 43 years.

The Sheriff’s office is seeking public assistance to recapture the fugitives with monetary rewards amounting to $73,000 on offer for information that facilitates their capture. Furthermore, 38 schools under the jurisdiction of the Bibb County School District were put on a precautionary lockdown, restricting the scope of outdoor activities while still maintaining classroom instruction schedules.


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