Murder-Suspect and Woman Die in Fatal Oklahoma Police Chase


In a charged sequence of events culminating in a police chase and vehicular accident in Oklahoma, a woman and a suspect, Nathaniel Huey Jr., involved in the murder of four family members from Romeoville, Illinois, met a fatal end, as stated by the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation.

The pursuit came to a halt on Interstate 44 in Catoosa, Oklahoma when the vehicle, presumably driven by Huey, crashed. The police rescued a female passenger and rushed her to a local hospital, where she later succumbed to her injuries, as relayed by the statement from the bureau.

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Upon approach, the officers heard what presumably were gunshots being fired from the wreckage. Subsequent investigation revealed gunshot wounds on both the deceased woman and the driver, suspected to be Huey. Notably, the authorities have kept the identity of the woman and her relation to Huey undisclosed. Determination of their positive identification and exact cause of death is yet to be made by the Oklahoma Office of the Chief Medical Examiner.

Earlier, Huey had been identified as the suspect in a gruesome case involving the murder of a family of four in their Romeoville residence, located approximately 30 miles southwest of Chicago. The victims, Alberto Rolon (38), Zoraida Bartolomei (32), along with their two young sons aged seven and nine, were found dead from gunshot wounds on Sunday evening after a concerned relative raised alarm, informed the police authorities.

In the wake of the discovery, Romeoville Deputy Police Chief Chris Burne revealed at a Wednesday news conference that an anonymous female was also considered a “person of interest” related to the case, along with Huey. Preliminary evidence suggested a link between Huey, the victims, and a possible motive, although Burne refrained from going into the specifics.

The unidentified woman had been reported missing and endangered by her family on Tuesday evening, consequently leading to her information being pulled into the Law Enforcement Agencies Data System. The same evening, Romeoville police circulated a statewide bulletin identifying Huey as a “credible suspect.”

On Wednesday morning, a 650-mile drive southwest of Romeoville, Catoosa locals spotted the vehicle, resulting in a pursuit ending in the crash and subsequent fatalities, narrated Burne. Initial reports suggest evidence of two shots fired at the crash site. The case remains active and ongoing, added Burne.

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